HDMI Audio Extractor: Everything you need to know

HDMI Audio Extractor: Everything you need to know

An HDMI audio extractor is a device that extracts digital audio from an HDMI signal and converts it to analog. This allows you to connect your television or other video sources directly to a sound system without running any additional cables.

The HDMI audio extractor is a device that extracts digital audio from an HDMI signal. It then converts it to analog and outputs it via RCA or 3.5mm jacks, allowing you to connect your home cinema or TV speakers directly to any sound system, with these inputs.

The best HDMI audio extractor for 4K

Amazon Basics Audio Extractor Converter, HDMI to HDMI + Audio

This HDMI audio extractor adds a refresh rate to the output signal, which will not exceed 30 Hz. This is in 4k mode. In this way, if you set the output signal to 60 Hz, it will not work correctly.

The default channel setting has a total of 2.0 CH. While the 51 CH audio output has single compatibility with Toslink and coaxial plugs. If the source is not supported, it will be set to 2.0 CH.

This robust device contains video resolution of up to 4K plus 3D formats. Also, it is compatible with DVR/HD/DVD players, Blue-Ray devices, cable/satellite, PS3/4, HD cameras, PC/laptop, and more.

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AMANDA HDMI Audio Extractor Ultra HD 4K x 2K HDMI to HDMI

This HDMI audio extractor is housed in an aluminum alloy casing containing gold-plated HDMI sockets. Provides an enhancement to HD video signals for smooth transmission over long distances.

You can use it to convert digital audio signal to analog audio-video signal, both an HDMI input and output. Its resolution is up to 2016 P at 30 Hz, but it also supports others such as 1080 P.

You have the choice between HDMI to HDMI mode, HDMI to 2.1CH 3.5mm mode, and 5.1CH HDMI to SPDIF/Optical mode. Thanks to its great flexibility, use it for amplifiers and home theater.

Shopping Guide:

What are the advantages of an HDMI audio extractor?

The HDMI audio extractor is ideal for anyone who wants to connect their TV or home theater system directly to a computer, without the need for or additional sound cards.

It is a device that is used to convert the digital signal of an HDMI cable into analog signals. This allows you to connect your TV or other devices with only one output port.

You can use it to your system without any additional cables. It also eliminates the need for multiple connections between the various components for all of them to work properly.

What makes a good HDMI audio extractor?

A good HDMI audio extractor should be compatible with the latest video and audio formats, including 4K. It should also have a high-quality chipset that can process HDCP 2.2 content without any issues or delays in sound output.

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The device should also come with an easy setup procedure so you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how it works before using it with your computer and your home theater.

Lastly, make sure the product comes with all the necessary cables and accessories for installation, as well as customer service if you have any problems using the unit after purchase see our top pick above…

What types of HDMI audio extractors are there?

There are two types of HDMI audio extractors:

  • The first type is a passive device that does not need the power to work and simply extracts the digital signal from an HDMI cable. So, it converts it to analog using a built-in DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and then outputs the converted signal through RCA or 3.5mm jacks on its rear panel. This type of converter can be used with virtually any source component as long as you have an available input for your TV speakers connected directly to the output jack(s) on this unit.
  • The second type requires external AC power to function properly. However, it offers more flexibility than the first. Because it also has extra features like volume control, bass/treble adjustment knobs, and even video conversion capability. Being permissive to users who do not have HDTVs, but who want to improve the picture quality of their older televisions. Convert standard definition signals to high definition signals before sending them through the outputs of these units. So they look better when viewed on newer flat panel displays, without having to buy new components just for this purpose.
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What are the disadvantages of an HDMI audio extractor?

The main drawback of an HDMI audio extractor is that it can only be used to convert the digital signal from an HDMI source. If you have analog sources, such as VCRs or DVD players, this device will not work for you.

Another drawback is that some devices may need additional power adapters to work properly. Correctly review the device, its instructions, and what elements you have, in order to use it properly.

Purchase criteria


A good HDMI audio extractor will allow you to connect your television directly to an amplifier without running cables across the room. Without a doubt, something that can be unsightly and uncomfortable at times.

But the best of them: it will work with your devices, it will be easy to use and it will last a long time. If you want to get the most value for your money, keep these important factors in mind when making your purchase decision.


Users say that this device is a great way to extract audio from HDMI. In this way, converting it into an analog or digital format for use with other devices, such as amplifiers, speakers, etc. But you have to be careful.

Be sure to compare the model numbers of the HDMI audio extractor. You should also check if it is compatible with your device and whether or not it has any additional features that may be beneficial to you.