What is Truth Social?| How to Buy Truth Social Stock?

What is Truth Social?| How to Buy Truth Social Stock?

What is Truth Social?| How to Buy Truth Social Stock? Truth Social stock might be the best choice if you are interested in investing in the next big thing in stock trading. In addition to helping people connect and discover new information, Truth Social is also an innovative social media platform growing in popularity. As the platform continues to grow, its stock price will also increase.

What is Truth Social?

A secure and privacy-focused alternative to traditional social media platforms has been created with Truth Social, a decentralized social media platform. 

The data is stored using blockchain technology, ensuring that all personal information is secure and private. A reward system is also built into the platform, incentivizing users to create content and interact with other users.

How is DWAC owned?

Founded by Patrick Orlando, an experienced investor and owner of several acquisition companies, Digital World Acquisition Corp is owned by Patrick Orlando.

His background includes degrees in mechanical engineering and management science from MIT and his involvement with DWAC and Benessere Investment Group.

What are the owners of Truth Social Stock?

Trump Media Technology Group, a social media company founded by former president Donald Trump, still owns and operates Truth Social. Devin Nunes currently holds the CEO position, overseeing the company’s media activities.

Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) is a special purpose acquisition company formed by the former president to acquire Truth Social to make it a publicly traded company.

Considering that Digital World Acquisition Corp is a blank check company, it seeks to raise capital before merging with Social World Acquisition Corp. A combination of Truth Social stock and DWAC stock will be used instead of an initial public offering.

How to Buy Truth Social Stock?

Investors cannot purchase Truth Social stock because the company’s shares are still private. The SPAC is planning a merger with the social media company Digital World Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: DWAC), which is available for investment.

The shares of DWAC will be converted to Truth Social upon the completion of the merger. Upon becoming a public entity, Truth Social’s stock would be available for purchase and sale on the market as any other publicly traded company.

Through a SPAC, Truth Social does not participate in a traditional initial public offering (IPO) like most other companies. DWAC stock must be purchased, and DWAC stock must be waited for the merger to complete for those who wish to get in on the ground floor.

The success of a merger cannot be guaranteed, as is the case with all financial transactions. There is a possibility that these companies might part ways, leaving you on your own.

1. Truth Social Stock Symbol:

A stock symbol for Truth Social comes from Trump Media Technology Group, the company’s parent company. 

A new ticker symbol will be assigned to DWAC following the merger, TMTG.

When this occurs, anyone wishing to purchase TMTG stock via the stock exchange can do so normally.

2. Truth Social Stock Price:

A SPAC’s share price typically fluctuates between $10 and $20, but the interest in Truth Social and former president Donald Trump has increased the cost significantly.

The current price of DWAC, which at one time reached close to $100, is approximately $30. The stock price of TMTG is expected to remain near this level following the merger.

This company’s share price can be significantly affected by several factors, including a rocky merger.

3. Truth Social IPO: 

Truth Social is currently merging with publicly traded Digital World Acquisition Corp, so there is a slim chance the company will ever consider going public via an IPO. 

After the merger’s completion, the Donald Trump-backed platform will go public.

Investors in DWAC will be eligible to receive free shares of TMTG stock as soon as the two companies merge. Investors may also sell shares at that time.

Some of the practices of the SPAC have come under fire in recent months. There may be delays in the merger process, which was scheduled to be completed by October 2022, a task that has been delayed multiple times.

It will be up to the shareholders to determine whether these issues can be resolved within another year. Only in the event of the deal falling through will Truth Social be able to pursue an IPO.

The next meeting of DWAC’s shareholders will take place on November 22. 65% of DWAC shareholders would have to approve an extension of the merger to September 2023 for it to be approved.

Since TMTG has previously failed to secure votes from its numerous retail investors, this is not great news for the company. 


It is a good idea to invest in a company that is actively innovating in the field of digital media by purchasing Truth Social stock. 

You can make a wise and informed decision about your investment by researching the company and its stock, understanding the risks, and knowing how to purchase it. 

Investing in Truth Social stock can result in a rewarding and profitable experience if you have the right knowledge and strategy.